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Our Story

Chase & Samantha's journey together started at the Ramp in Hamilton, AL. The Ramp is a global ministry which focuses on conferences, a school of ministry, & multiple church locations. Chase first came to the Ramp when he was a teenager. He had a significant encounter with the Lord that changed the trajectory of his life. It was in that moment he had an awakening of purpose, identity, and a call to ministry. In 2015, Samantha came to the Ramp School of Ministry to deepen her walk with the Lord & grow as a leader. It was at RSM they both met. During that time, Chase was also a part of the ministry team "Chosen" a group of young leaders that travel with Karen Wheaton & The Ramp.

In 2018, they were married and from that time served as full-time Youth Pastors at Ramp Church Hamilton until this past December. They are presently a part of the Ramp's Leadership Team with Karen Wheaton. 


The Ramp has shaped Chase & Samantha into the son & daughter, father & mother, & leaders they are today. In the past decade, God has given them a passion for discipleship, prayer, & raising up the next generation. 

In 2020, God began to speak to them through dreams and for the past two years has continued to speak. As Chase & Samantha began to pray they knew the Lord was inviting them on a journey of faith that would lead to their next assignment. 


What's Next

In 2022, the words & dreams regarding their next assignment became more clear. It was through prayer and submission to leaders they knew it was time to take this leap of faith! This journey led them in February 2023 to move to Dallas, TX with their two daughters, Elliana & Daphne. 


In May 2023, they were extended the honor & opportunity to join the UPPERROOM Staff where they now serve and are leading as the Young Adult Pastors. 


As a family, they are expectant for what this opportunity & the promises of this new season will hold. This move to Dallas was unto the Lord & in obedience to His word over their lives. They are moved by the Lord's leadership & faithfulness in this journey. 



Chase & Samantha in this season are in need of financial partners through monthly & one-time giving. 


Your generosity helps them alleviate their cost of living month to month while residing in Dallas. Your giving is a way to partner with them and the ministry God is doing in and through their lives. 

Thank you for being a part of this story as they continue to follow The Lord into this new role & season!

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